The 7 postures routine is a method developed by Kadour Ziani. It is suitable for everyone, and allows you to regain your original flexibility, optimize your training, and aim for longevity.

Access for $49.99, payable once, for lifetime access!

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Included in the “7 postures” program:


Nicolas Batum (NBA)

Nicolas Batum (NBA)

Kévin Séraphin (NBA)

Odell Beckham Jr. (NFL)

Frank Ntilikina (NBA)

Olivia Époupa (Euroleague)

Several professional athletes have used the 7 postures method. Wishing to recover after an injury, optimize their gains, or extend their athletic career, they were able to benefit from what we consider to be the missing piece to conventional training.

Check out one of the bonus sessions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day until day 7, you will have access to a new posture that you can add to your routine.

Every day, you will also have access to a bonus video, presented by Azzdine, a high-level physiotherapist and strength & conditioning coach. Several topics will be discussed; big toe, foot, etc… These sessions are amazing, we guarantee it.

Finally, once the 7 days are over, we will publish some freestyle routines including different movements of the 7 postures.

The use of equipment is not obligatory to perform each of the 7 postures, but the following tools can be used for regressions or progressions, as indicated in the program videos: 

  • プライオボックス(80cm程度のイスでも可)
  • Kettlebell or dumbbells.
  • Bosu ball
  • Slant Board

Of course ! As indicated in the previous question, the 7 postures will allow you to optimize the gains linked to training, and to better recover between sessions.

After your purchase, you will receive instructions by email to download the app. We use the best application on the market to host our programs and guarantee that it is top-notch, functional and easy to use.

After your purchase, you will receive one posture per day for 7 days, in order to gradually integrate the routine of the 7 postures into your daily life. At the same time, you will receive a bonus episode per day, for around ten days.

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