The new program
made in Zianimal Academy

Boost your athletic abilities and increase your jump in 45 days, via an intensive program with no equipment required!

The program


High intensity workouts


Each workout lasts between 30 and 45 mins.


Train at home, with no equipment.


1 dollar a day, for 45 days.

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What does a typical session look like?

The Zianimal Method

A training method directly inspired by the training methods of one of the best dunkers in history. The programs have been rigorously designed with an atypical method based on 3 pillars: physical, body control, lifestyle. A program put together by a team of certified coaches, and validated by Kadour Ziani himself.

Zianimals Testimonials

"After about a month and a half of the program, I have much better proprioception, my foot has become solid! My back has also become solid, well sheathed! I gained in opening of the pelvis and flexibility. I have had orthopedic insoles for 13 years. My chiropodist told me that I no longer need them after the sessions of the program that I do barefoot."


9 Months Program

"I couldn't even touch the rim before the program. In just 3 weeks I managed to grab it. I am currently in the 6th month of the 9 month program. I managed to dunk on a 3m basket and am very close to slamming my first dunk on a 3m05 basket. On the court, I'm quicker and more athletic, thus more efficient."


9 months Program