The Team

Behind the Zianimal Academy


Dunk pioneer

Co-founder of the Slam Nation, Champagne-Ardenne high jump record holder with 2.18m, Winner of the All-Star Game LNB dunk contest, World record holder for the highest kick (3m03), Figure of the motion capture via electrodes for the NBA 2K8 video game, Organizer of the European and World Dunk Championships, Founder of the World Dunk Association. In 2021 and at the age of 47, he is still able to dunk from the height of his 5'11''. What else?



Certified FIBA USA basketball coach, Edgard is in charge of the commercial development of the Zianimal Academy.



Certified Sports and Nutrition Coach, Aurélien is the logistics manager of the Zianimal Academy.



An expert in sports science, Raúl has a key role within the Zianimal Academy, he is the one behind the periodization of the training programs.


Video editor

Founder of his own marketing agency "Rhoni vision", Jaefar works for the Zianimal Academy in digital communication.



Julien is the first cameraman who participated in the creation of content. More specifically, he shot at the famous OneBall court in Paris to record Kadour Ziani perform.



Dennis is the team's second cameraman. He is based in Panama and filmed our physical trainer performing some of the exercises of the program.


How was the Zianimal Academy born?

Zianimal Academy is the story of Kadour Ziani, THE dunker of his generation. It's also the story of two young fans of the orange ball, fans of the Zianimal being younger, who met at university in the States, and shared a little way while sharpening their skills.

A few years later, they came with with an idea : to build a jump program, based on training methods of Kadour Ziani.

With Kadour's agreement, they then dissected the content that he had posted on the web for years, in which he delivered his advice, his techniques, without asking anything in return.

An experienced physical trainer worked hard to structure the sessions and periodize the training ,making it an academic program, accessible to everyone.

The movement is now booming, and has been adopted around the world. Men, women, beginners and pros, young and old, injured ... and this is just the beginning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or partnership proposals.