1997: Co-founder of the Slam Nation

1997: Champagne-Ardenne high jump record with 2.18 m

2005: Winner of the All-Star Game LNB dunk contest

2006: World record for highest kick (3m03)

2007: Motion capture via electrodes for the NBA 2K8 video game

2009 to 2011 : organizer of the European and World Dunk Championships 

2020: Founder of the World Dunk Association


The dunk - the action of slamming the ball into the basket after a jump - is the lethal weapon of basketball, a burst of adrenaline that allows you to gain psychological advantage over the opponent and galvanize the public. Some players have brought an aesthetic dimension to it, elevating the discipline to the level of art. Kadour Ziani is one of them. For 20 years, this smash pioneer has inspired dunkers around the world.

(Source : François Chevalier, Telerama)


" No brain, no gain "



The Franco-Algerian legend of Dunk, Kadour Ziani, small, made himself known throughout the world with his group the Slam Nation, by mastering like no one else the double mill or the 360. Respected by all Dunk lovers for his outstanding athleticism, creativity and fiery temperament.



On the playground, he practices day and night and polishes his figures. He gets spotted very quickly. We talk about him in the newspapers, on TV: the pride of the family reaches new heights, as does his relaxation. Kadour, a reference that fans quickly nicknamed “The Dunkfather” or “Zianimal” in reference to his feline side.



His passion has led him to participate in the "Slam Nation" adventure for ten years, with nearly 400 shows in around thirty countries. From now on, he seeks to transmit his passion. and his knowledge through his online academy, available worldwide. Log in and create your own story.

The Zianimal story


Son of Algerian emigrants, ninth in a family of 13 children, he grew up in the district of Vert-Bois, in Saint-Dizier in Haute-Marne, between violence, trafficking and a tense climate. He wanted to get out of this atmosphere, and discovered the NBA at 16. A fan of MJ above all, he began to dream, being only 5'11 tall , and became able to dunk himself too, and to fly, to emancipate himself. With his background, he shows everyone that even if you come from a disadvantaged neighborhood, anything is possible, if you believe in it and give yourself the means. "When he can rise in the air, a man realizes that there are no more barriers."

The Zianimal story


The revelation came in 1989, when his friend Dadou introduced Kadour to the stars of the NBA via VHS tapes and magazines. Love at first sight is immediate. At 15, Kadour Ziani already has a strong character. He cannot afford an outfit worthy of the name but wants to replicate the exploits of his model Michael Jordan, and it doesn't matter if the Chicago Bulls superstar stands at almost 2 meters. For training, the playground at the foot of the building will do the trick. A hard worker, day and night, he eventually got there, and continued to progress, to the point where he joined the Slam Nation at 24, in 1997.

The Zianimal story


His feline flexibility, his 56 inches vertical jump, his work ethic and especially the travel will allow him and his spirit to rise. In 1999, it was the consecration, the Slam Nation took off for a three-date tour of the United States: to Seattle, New Jersey and Chicago, to the United Center, the scene of Michael Jordan's exploits. 

The Zianimal story


2003, a pivotal year. Tony Parker, the new French basketball star, invites the Slam Nation to his summer camp in La Défense. Once again, Ziani wows the gallery with a “360 cobra” (the ball stuck in the wrist), a creation that pushes the limits of dunking. In the stands, the NBA players present take their heads with both hands. At the same time, the Slam Nation is embarking on a world tour that will take it to four continents in less than a decade, from the Philippines to Russia, via Guyana, Romania, Italy The members of the collective will travel no only the United States, but also China, or Italy where he can dunk in front of Vince Carter, best NBA dunker at the time… Although paid around 150 euros per show, the dunkers keep a cool head.

The Zianimal story


At the end of the 2000s, after more than 300 performances and tens of thousands of spectators won over, these dunk activists are at the twilight of their careers and legitimately wish to devote themselves to their personal affairs. The collective separates by mutual agreement. Without straying from the asphalt, Ziani dreams of dunking becoming an Olympic discipline (after all, skateboarding will be inducted in 2020) and has embarked on a spiritual quest. Kadour Ziani felt an almost visceral need to use his experiences, to share it. “When you're up the mountain, you have some sight. Afterwards, when you get off, you transmit, ”he imagines. “It’s one way to grieve. He wants to extend his legacy by helping the new generation and gradually turns into a mentor, obsessed with transmission.

The Zianimal story


Involved in Quai 54, he identifies young talents (Guy Dupuy, Rafal Lipek…) to prepare them psychologically and physically for the competition. Kadour Ziani is 45 years old today and trains young people in his discipline. He still dunks but now he seeks to pass on his passion by organizing training camps and campaigning for dunking to become an Olympic sport. Nicolas de Virieu, one of the references of basketball documentaries in France, had already produced productions on Ziani and the Slam Nation, more than 10 years ago. On this last masterpiece, full of emotion and fascination, he dwelled on history, and the rise to grace of Kadour Ziani.

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When I first saw Kadour Ziani dunk at halftime of the Paris And1 Mixtape Game in 2003 my teammates and I couldn’t believe what kind of performance he put on. And that’s coming from guys who have seen the best of the best in the world. Ziani separates himself with excellent athleticism and showmanship. And I’m almost certain his workout methods have to be world class for him to do that in longevity.
The Professor
Kadour is the first dunker to properly address strength and flexibility, and this inspired me to change my own body when I couldn’t dunk. I fixed myself and became a trainer to help others do the same. I’ve now helped people to over 1500 knee success stories and Kadour was one of my very key mentors that I believe is responsible for helping all these people! I am forever grateful, and he will always be my hero.
Ben Patrick
Founder of "knees over toes"
In my opinion, Kadour Ziani is the best dunker of all time, he developed his body like a shaolin monk and his methods are the best. I believe that every person can develop his body and become graceful, however you need proper training in order to do so. Zianimal methods are the best, it’s hard but if you really want something you can get it.
Saba Airboy Nergadze